human resource management
/'human resource management'/
1. employee management with an emphasis on those employees being assets of the business

Savvy HR

If you don’t have a Human Resources expert in-house, don’t panic. Outsourcing your HR needs to Savvy HR will give you reassurance that the job’s getting done so you can keep focusing on running your business. Here’s an overview of what we do:

HR Advice and Strategy

Managing people is hard! We know. Managing a business can also be isolating and you may find yourself searching for information on legislation, best practice or just someone to talk to who understand the issues you are facing when it comes to the people in your business. Savvy HR is here to provide HR advice on everything related to the people in your business and their employment.


From the day you decide you need a new employee, right through to when they’ve turned up for their first day on the job, Savvy HR assists with all stages of recruitment, including:

  • Drafting advertisements
  • Placing advertising and decising best method of advertising
  • Screening applicants
  • Phone screening shortlisted applicants
  • Liaising with applicants to complete all pre-employment paperwork
  • Providing comprehensive information to clients on shortlisted candidates
  • Assist key decision makers carrying out interviews with targeted questions
  • Coordinating skills and job based assessments
  • Coordinate psychometric assessments and any other assesments with an external providers
  • Completing comprehensive reference checks
  • Assist with the offer of employment and negotiation

Performance Management, Disciplinary Measures & Termination

Sometimes an employee just doesn’t turn out to be the right person for the job or something happens with the employee's performance or actions take place that shouldn’t. Savvy HR can help with performance management issues, including:

  • Monitoring and liaising with you on performance during the first 90 days
  • Conducting performance management meetings, interviews and evaluations
  • Recommending disciplinary action and undertaking disciplinary processes
  • Advising on termination processes, both within employees’ 90-day trials and beyond


Just because you’ve done business one way forever, doesn’t mean is the most efficient or cost-effective way of operating. Maybe your business has grown and you now find you have a structure that is no longer working how it should or maybe you need to down size and reduce overheads which means less personnel. Savvy HR advises businesses of all sizes about organisational structure, including:

  • Looking at current roles and how they fit in the business
  • Discuss the structure and the impact your business’ bottom line
  • Analysing your current human resourcing, what you want, need and options going forward
  • Assisting employers with recommendations, organisational strategy and design
  • Ensuring the right people are in the right roles

Training, Coaching and Development

The more effective and up-skilled your team leaders and managers are, the more productive your employees will become. Help your team lead from the front with hands-on HR development from Savvy HR, including:

  • Working with leaders, managers and teams to get the best out of them
  • Identifying processes and functions that aren’t going so well, then suggesting where improvements could be made
  • Looking at tools you can use to build and analyse the performance of your team
  • Providing one on one coaching based around specific needs assessment
  • Reviewing the performance of the business, including KPIs, individual performance and workplace culture

Policies & Procedures

There’s a right way and a wrong way to run a business – and we all know which camp we’d rather be in. Savvy HR will help you put in place HR policies and procedures that comply with employment law and are relevant to your industry.

Savvy HR Limited

Do you need HR Consultants who:

  • understand the people issues in your business?
  • are local and work with a variety of businesses?
  • care about the performance of your team?
  • will be proactive in supporting you?
  • are responsive and understand the value of good communication?


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