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Your Human Resource is Your Most Important AssetTaking the stress and time out of HR ManagementWe help you look after your people so you can look after your business

We know managing the people in your business can be difficult and can scare even the most experienced business owner - employment legislation, compliance and human resource best practice can be time consuming and challenging for businesses to get right, not to mention fraught with risk. Getting ‘it’ wrong can be costly, stressful and the impact felt throughout the business.

At Savvy HR we consider ourselves to be your outsourced HR partner, invested in the success of your people and your business we see it as our role to provide employers with pragmatic, hands on advice and support to ensure effective outcomes are achieved. We know you are busy and HR can be complex, process driven and a distraction at times. You want results and you want solutions to be cost effective. We want to understand your business and the issues you are facing so that we can truly add value and deliver and you can get back to what you do best – running your business.


Fortunately you don’t have to look after your own Human Resources – that’s what Savvy HR is for – best practice advice, procedural guidance, employment documentation and advice for any hiccups along the way.

Our HR services are broad, depending on what your business needs. If it's related to the people in your business chances are Savvy HR can assist from recruitment, to job descriptions and employment agreements/contracts, training and development, policy and procedures, right through to the tricky issues - performance management, disciplinary issues and termination. If you’re investigating cost-cutting, or you have a feeling your business structure is not achieving what it should be Savvy HR can review this with you and if there are more efficient ways of getting the job done, suggest them. If restructuring and redundancies are an outcome we of course will help you in a very hands on way. Or if you’re just looking for some solid HR strategy and advice but you’re not sure what to do, Savvy HR should be the first place you start.

Savvy HR believe in keeping HR as practical as possible, after all a large proportion of New Zealand businesses fit in the small to medium category so we won't try to impress you with industry jargon and unnecessary paperwork. We just work on getting you the results you want in your business and support you and your team along the way - whatever challenges you are facing.

What We Do

Managing people is hard! We know. You may find yourself searching for information on process, legislation, best practice or just need someone to talk to who understands the issues you are facing when it comes to the people in your business.

Ensuring you have the right overall HR strategy and that this is executed correctly is critical to the overall success and financial performance of your business. Savvy HR is here to provide robust advice and strategic input for all your human resource needs.

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From the day you decide you need a new employee, right through to when they’ve turned up for their first day on the job, Savvy HR can assist with all stages of the recruitment process. Savvy HR take a very different approach to recruitment and ensure a very robust process is followed, so that you know as much about your new employee as possible before they start.

Savvy HR do not charge percentage fees, you only pay for the work completed. Savvy HR care about your business long term and are interested in ensuring you get only the right people.

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Sometimes an employee just doesn’t turn out to be the right fit or things go wrong in the employment relationship. Savvy HR is here to help you navigate your way through the strict processes that come with performance management, investigations and disciplinary and termination issues.

Getting these processes wrong can not only be very expensive and but managing them time consuming and stressful. Savvy HR is here to guide you through every step.

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Just because you’ve done business one way forever, doesn’t mean it continues to be the most efficient or cost-effective way of operating.

Getting a sound organisational structure in place is one of the most critical factors to a business success.

Savvy HR advise businesses of all sizes on structure and role position to ensure the all the needs of the business are met and profitability can be maximised.

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The more informed, upskilled and effective you and your team leaders are, the more productive and happier your employees will be. This can only have positive outcomes for your business and bottom line.

Savvy HR are experienced in coaching Managers and Business Owners to achieve their best, which enables them to take away learning and tools to their teams who also then achieve better results,

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Savvy HR can assist in ensuring all the compliance paperwork including Employment Agreements / Contracts and job descriptions are completed and up-to-date ensuring your compliance needs are met. 

Clear Policies and Procedures provide information and guidelines about "how things are done" in your workplace and are an excellent reference point for all staff and leaders.

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Tips from the Experts

"Weak companies hire the right experience to do the job. Strong companies hire the right person to join their team".

Simon Sinek

"Clients do not come first, employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your clients".

Richard Branson

"Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence, and making sure that impact lasts in your absence".

Sheryl Sandberg

Savvy HR Limited

Do you need HR Consultants who:

  • understand the people issues in your business?
  • are local and work with a variety of businesses?
  • care about the performance of your team?
  • will be proactive in supporting you?
  • are responsive and understand the value of good communication?


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